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locusts on rice, anyone?

Posted by clare on August 29th, 2004

From Stuff World News, via Kathryn: Capture locusts and win rice: DAKAR: A radio station in Senegal is offering listeners a 50kg sack of rice if they can catch and kill 50kg of locusts, another new tactic in West Africa’s battle against the airborne invasion. … West Africa’s first locust plague in 15 years is […]

baton rouge

Posted by clare on August 29th, 2004

How I know I’m in Baton Rouge: – The new, disturbingly clean Coffee Call’s freakiness is almost rectified by Eddie, the beignet chef, remembering me like he has since high school. (And by remembering, I mean hitting on in a short, round, older black man kind of way.) – The bumper stickers: 1) Lots of […]

still in austin

Posted by clare on August 23rd, 2004

How I knew I was in Austin: – Gaggles of sorority hopefuls skittering around the Drag in tube tops and flippy skirts. – The Drag Rat who came in for a cup of water while we were at Jamba Juice promised to come back for a smoothie if he begged enough money. – Steven’s neighbor […]

and when i said one month…

Posted by clare on August 21st, 2004

… I meant less than a month. My Peace Corps staging packet arrived in Baton Rouge yesterday, and apparently I’m due to arrive in Philadelphia on Monday, September 13th, rather than Thursday, September 16th. On the 16th, I’ll actually be arriving in Dakar, at 5:45 AM. Not a big change, by any means, but just […]

one-month countdown

Posted by clare on August 16th, 2004

Here I am, temporarily in Austin and exactly a month from the first day of Peace Corps staging. I can’t think of much to say about that… Austin doesn’t feel like home anymore and Peace Corps is still mostly a packing list at this point. And, oh, what a packing list it is. I’ve been […]

home again home again… kinda

Posted by clare on August 1st, 2004

I drove from Austin (no longer home) to Baton Rouge (home again) Saturday, hauling a carload of stuff and a very upset kitty who didn’t make it five minutes out of town before she puked right in the middle of her cat carrier. I played the Alphabet Game to keep myself awake—you know, where you […]