Here I am, temporarily in Austin and exactly a month from the first day of Peace Corps staging. I can’t think of much to say about that… Austin doesn’t feel like home anymore and Peace Corps is still mostly a packing list at this point.

And, oh, what a packing list it is. I’ve been emailing with a few current Senegal PCVs, who have been really helpful with advice about what to bring, what to leave, and just what to expect in general. I’ll post my current packing list soon, so that y’all can laugh at me for thinking that I’ll actually be able to fit it all in my backpack.

Also, I’ve got lots of fun pictures from the visit to the Bay + backpacking trip that I’ll post once I get a chance to upload them to the gallery.

2 Responses to “one-month countdown”

you know what might feel like home? your home. baton rouge.

no, serously. you have to spend SOME time here.

all in due course, my dear. my parents don’t have cable internet yet.

(just kidding, guys, really.)