Oh, and thank you thank you thank you to Suzanne for the letter, my mom for the card, and Maryann for the very first of what will one day be a gi-normous postcard collection adorning the walls of my hut.

And thanks to George for an awesome, unexpected sendoff from Burning Man (fair warning: it’s Burning Man, so there’s a bit of nudity involved).

4 Responses to “merci!”

Wow. Amazing tribute to you, Clare. And don’t worry- more postcards will be forthcoming. I have PLANS.

sat in the car and heard beth orton and really, really missed you.

aw, warm and fuzzy on both counts, guys. thanks 🙂

i love the burning man pictures. way to go, george. we are enjoying your updates from africa at the hall household, clare. and now pictures! awesome.