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the wonders of cable tv

Posted by clare on September 3rd, 2004

My parents held out against getting cable on basic principle—TV’s crap, who needs 60 channels much less 600, TV’s crap, etc—for the entirety of my youth, depriving me of MTV, Nickelodeon, and all the other requisites of a normal, happy, TV-saturated childhood. I had to survive on PBS programming and Full House reruns. Well, our […]

could be useful in Senegal…

Posted by clare on September 2nd, 2004

From the Weekly World News, bleeding edge of investigative journalism: POO LA LA! MAN SPEAKS FRENCH OUT OF HIS BUTT — And he can’t understand a word! … According to medical records, [Jason Jablonski] was awakened one night last January in his bedroom by a strange voice that seemed to be coming from under his […]

gratuitously long California trip post

Posted by clare on September 1st, 2004

The long-delayed update on my and Steven’s trip to California with his family: Here’s Dennis, Intrepid Adventurer, in front of the I-10 mileage sign that I’d been meaning to stop and snap a picture of for five years now, every time I made the drive from Baton Rouge to Austin. I consider it a reassuring […]