Success! My camera is now empty and my gallery fuller than ever. That’ll change before the night’s out, but I uploaded over 100 today, so I’m going to allow myself a bit of satisfaction.

There are new photos in the misc album, the homestay album, and I added two brand-spankin-new albums, one for Halloween and one for Poponguine. Leave some comments, they make me happy.

Also, I made a new page over in the Peace Corps section with care package ideas, compiled very informally from other trainees and my own selfish desires. The only really important thing? Don’t send peanuts. Please don’t send peanuts.

6 Responses to “this is what four hours of internet'll get you”

What fantastic suggestions for packages. Mil gracias. But, um, in order to mail we’re going to need your new address.

Will you be able to use all of the things listed in the suggestion list? Will you have the technology for dvds and mp3s in the hut?

What if the trail mix has peanuts in it?

everytime i watch the OC i miss you so much 🙁

dammit! i just raided the circus elephants stall for any peanuts! care package soon to come!

l- if I find someone to cart my iPod back from the US (assuming it gets fixed), then yes on the mp3s, and the tamba house might be getting a dvd player that works, so possibly yes on movies too.

s- trail mix peanuts are acceptable.

j- i miss both the OC *and* you!

n- just send the elephants.