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post-Christmas post

Posted by clare on December 26th, 2004

Christmas in Tamba was very satisfying, if lacking in the traditional surrounded-by-wrapping-paper-carnage, snoozing-on-the-couch-watching-football, post-fourth-helping-of-dinner American holiday afterglow. Josh and Cory and I hit the market in the morning to get dinner ingredients, snoozed and read during the day, and then cooked in the afternoon with a small group—we had a potluck dinner, with chili, stuffing, […]

merry, happy, etc.

Posted by clare on December 24th, 2004

Christmas haiku: my stomach gurgles but i sat here for two hours happy gifts for you!

Index, Month 1

Posted by clare on December 22nd, 2004

Mornings spent picking cotton in the past week and a half: 3 Hours that massive brown clouds of locusts were visible in the skies over my village a few days ago: 2 Snakes I’ve seen: 2 Snakes that were subsequently beaten to death and then decapitated by villagers: 1 Toddlers who burst into tears when […]

gallery update (finally)

Posted by clare on December 20th, 2004

Swear-in pics are up! Pre-Merry Christmas 🙂

In the past week, I:

Posted by clare on December 13th, 2004

[BING] Picked cotton for about two and a half hours. [BING] Continued to jog every morning as the sun came up. [BING] Greeted all the village families on my own. [BING] Tried to milk cows. Failed. [BING] Paid a social visit to the family next to mine, ate really good food with them, and even […]

misc follow-up post

Posted by clare on December 7th, 2004

After spending a great night in Tamba (hamburgers and Trivial Pursuit!) with a smattering of other PCVs, I decided to explore another cybercafe, closer to the regional house. This one has the same low price of 350 cfa/hour, is closer, and what’s more important has a Windows interface, which means next time I come through […]

'routine' never sounded so good

Posted by clare on December 6th, 2004

Here’s what life is like at Two Weeks In-Village: My alarm goes off at 6am. Sometimes I’ve already been awaken a few times by roosters crowing or sheep yelling or, occasionally, mice squealing in the thatched roof above my head. I get up early because morning is a valuable time—the village is (relatively) quiet, the […]