Christmas haiku:

my stomach gurgles
but i sat here for two hours
happy gifts for you!

Christmas card photo

6 Responses to “merry, happy, etc.”

bandi bah, how i love thee! oh yeah, and clare, too! 😉 merry, happy, thinking of you!

Clare, A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Cotten Family.

Merry Christmas, Clare! We’re thinking of you this morning.

Leslie, Bryan, and all the Halls

(Murphy would like to sniff your puppy.)

Aww! Puppies on Christmas! I can’t think of a better present. Let your day be less than 80 degrees.

merry christmas, honey! love the hat!

thanks, all. the puppy enjoyed the dinner scraps, but it was 95 in the shade 😉