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gallery update

Posted by clare on February 24th, 2005

I added a few photos to the IST album… the rest might have to wait until I’m back in Tamba, where the connection is actually a lot faster than here in the “big city.”


Posted by clare on February 23rd, 2005

This past weekend was spent in Dakar at W.A.I.S.T. (the West African Invitational Softball Tournament), where teams of ex-pats and PCVs from Senegal and surrounding countries converged for softball games, eating hotdogs, and not sleeping much. It was all sorts of a good time—I got back to Thiès with 100 cfa in my pocket. About […]

cultural exchange

Posted by clare on February 17th, 2005

The best thing about being in Thiès, other than the hamburgers at the recently-discovered “Chawarma Snack”: catching up on Muñeca Brava.

training days

Posted by clare on February 13th, 2005

It’s strange how coming from the village to Thiès last week felt as much like moving between two separate worlds as coming from the US to Senegal did five months ago. There are so many things you see in the city that you would never see in the village, and vice versa. In cities, you […]


Posted by clare on February 12th, 2005

Uploaded a few photos from IST, with more to come tomorrow when I write an actual post in an attempt to use up the ten hours of internet time I bought today. Today’s highlight thus far: goat cheese made by monks!

i:m2 addenda

Posted by clare on February 4th, 2005

(Supplementing last week’s post…) To prove that, yes, every Peace Corps experience is unique: Minimum number of Small Enterprise Development (SED, i.e. business) PCVs known to have DSL internet at his/her apartment: 1 To elaborate on the joys of having a puppy in the village: Number of severed goat legs Bandi found post-slaughter and brought […]