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post-wedding and mid-stockyard

Posted by clare on March 21st, 2005

Aminata’s task following the wedding itself (when, as you might remember, her main role was to sit in various huts with a blanket over her head) was… to sit in a hut with a blanket over her head. For a week. Then on Friday, when the week was up, she went to the well to […]

village wedding

Posted by clare on March 14th, 2005

My arrival back in the village started a bit inauspiciously when I had to get help breaking into my hut because I couldn’t find my keys—which naturally turned up a few minutes later in the one pocket of my backpack that I hadn’t frantically checked five times over in Tamba. Then the key got stuck […]

index, IST

Posted by clare on March 3rd, 2005

Liters of “lotion” made from soap, oil, and water as an IST training exercise: 2 People who blame said lotion for their arms breaking out in hives: 1 Hours of language training during IST: 0 Fun T-shirts purchased at the Thi├Ęs fuuki jaay (Wolof for “shake & sell”: the used clothes market) for a dollar […]