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index, month 6 + bonus material

Posted by clare on May 23rd, 2005

Days my village had to go to a neighboring village for water because our one well was too low: 1 Baby warthogs seen trotting single file after their mother, tails held high, while on my morning jog: 3 Rainy nights in the village: 2 Minimum number of village kids with raging cases of pink eye: […]

daily life, may

Posted by clare on May 9th, 2005

These days, the roosters start at about 4:30AM, Deya’s alarm and Ceerno Jallo’s prayer call are at 5AM, and the sky begins to brighten around 6AM. That’s when my alarm goes off and I crawl out from under the mosquito net; I’ve got my bed set up in the backyard since it’s too hot to […]