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and on your left…

Posted by clare on December 30th, 2005

My parents’ action-packed two weeks in Senegal: They arrive in Dakar at 6:30am. After a brief stop at my homestay’s house for breakfast, we head to Ile de Goree for what is definitely the best way to experience Dakar: The next day we went up to St-Louis, where we stayed/ate at a fantastic hotel/restaurant on […]

index, month 13

Posted by clare on December 29th, 2005

Price paid by SODEFITEX to farmers per kilo of cotton, in CFA: 250 [revised, Jan 06: 195] Approximate equivalent in US dollars: 0.50 [ditto: 0.40] Fee Musa Bah paid a guy from Tamba to pick a quarter hectare of cotton, in CFA: 15,000 Approximate equivalent in US dollars: 30 Days before Musa was in the […]

let's hope santa can drive a charette

Posted by clare on December 23rd, 2005

My parents’ visit is going well so far—they loved Goree, St. Louis was beautiful, we made the trip from St. Louis to Tamba in seven hours (apparently a stunning record), the village party went well, and now we’re about to go into cookie production in preparation for Christmas in Tamba. I’ll have lots of pictures […]


Posted by clare on December 13th, 2005

The prayer calls this morning in Tamba were beautiful, despite coming at 5am and all at once. I’m nostalgic-in-advance for waking up before dawn on the roof of the Tamba house, warm under a blanket, listening to five competing versions of “ALLAAAAAHU AK-BAR!” echo across town. It’s one of those Senegal Moments, like biking back […]

home sweet hut

Posted by clare on December 12th, 2005

(More hut and month 13 photos are up.)

she's crafty

Posted by clare on December 8th, 2005

I’ve been involved in a few projects lately—painting the tourist center in Molly’s village and windows + other fun in my hut. Here’s Molly white-washing. She did two sides of the building and a whole lotta wall. Two coats. My masterpiece, still in-process: Then Josh, Tom, and Rachel came out to help me knock holes […]

index, year 1

Posted by clare on December 1st, 2005

Minimum number of buckets floating at the bottom of my village well, as of November: 6 Maximum number of pounds lost by a male volunteer from my stage: 60 Total ETs from my group, out of 30 people: 5 Days that admin closed the Tamba regional house to prevent a Halloween party from occurring there […]