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index addenda + photos

Posted by clare on January 30th, 2006

Chicks following one hen, revised once they all stood still long enough for an accurate count: 16 Households in my village who have permanently relocated to Tamba: 1 Remaining households, two of which consist only of one couple + kids: 6 I uploaded photos to Month 14 and an album of weighing cotton: (I finally […]

index, month 14

Posted by clare on January 22nd, 2006

Round trips to Dakar: 2 American visitors to my village: 3 Chicks following one mother hen in my compound: 15 Weeks that Bandi was MIA from the village: 2 Kilos of cotton harvested by the village: 22,305 Price paid by SODEFITEX per kilo, before the cost of pesticides, fertilizers, etc, is subtracted, in CFA: 195 […]

index, leslie's visit

Posted by clare on January 11th, 2006

Total days in Senegal: 8 Villages visited: 2 Times our Alham to Cory & Josh’s village had to be push-started at the Tamba gare: 4 Subsequent push starts, along the way: 2 People in said Alham: 24 Times we all got out and sat on the side of the road because the Alham wouldn’t shift […]