So I’m at the Tamba house and I open up my laptop and it pops up a window asking me to confirm that I want to connect to the default network.

So that’s where I am: in the Tamba house, with my laptop, on someone’s WIRELESS INTERNET CONNECTION.

5 Responses to “this is the coolest thing that has ever happened.”

That IS pretty cool.

cooler than a car bursting into flames in the middle of the night in front of the house? i don’t know about that. i’ll admit that it is pretty cool, though. does this mean more frequent posts? because that would be good.

That is so wild! I love how technology is everywhere now.

hey there my name is annie andi was just invited to senegal i’m actually scheduled to leave march 14, 2006 and trying to get a hold of DC actually since i havne’t heard from them in a awhile..and i was wondering about laptop. whether i should bring a laptop

so then I should expect a “how have you been” e-mail? Is that the jest of the post or just perhaps a misunderstanding?
Don’t mind my faceious wit. Though it may be out of line, I’d love to say hello and hear how you are.
-Adam out