In an attempt to create a unified image, establish brand loyalty, and preclude the assumption that my last name is “Overt” (“of, relating to, or being military or intelligence operations sanctioned or mandated by Congress”) rather than “Major” (“greater than others in importance or rank”), my site is now claremajor.net.

Bryan made everything magically switch over—even if you type clare.overt.org or claremajor.com. So while all old links should still work, you’ll be a whole lot hipper if you start using claremajor.net. Perhaps even in spoken conversation, as a subsitute for “Clare.”

7 Responses to “clare™”

i love it… “brand loyalty.” i’ve even got a catchphrase for you:

claremajor.net: accept no substitutes, b*tches.

(apologies to moms and such.)

I think we should make it into a verb. Like, “I’ll claremajor.net your ass.”

your last name’s not overt? wtf?! no wonder all those thousand dollar checks have been “return to sender”…

Hey Clare,

Since I have been following your blog for a while, I figured it was only polite to say hello. I am a PC nom that should leave this summer. Your blog is a wonderful read.

Hi Stacey – Thanks for saying hi and good luck with the nomination/invitation/etc process 🙂

Amy and Maryann are gonna be in my posse. Noelle’s not invited.

i’m down with a posse. do i get to wear a hat?

And there can be environmentally friendly leather jackets with our names? That would make us a real posse.