Dump-truck-loads of dirt delivered to galle: 12

Approximate number of cement blocks made so far: 2,500

Days before the rubber ball I gave to the little village kids popped: 3

Days before the soccer ball I gave to the big village kids no longer held air: 12

Approximate radius of sheep snot (from simultaneous sneeze/head turn), in feet: 4

Brothers who work abroad in Spain currently visiting the village: 2

Number of wives each will have before they return to Spain in May: 2

Motorcycles successively purchased for my village dad with Spain money: 3

Births in the village: 1

Average temperature range over a 24-hour period, in degrees Fahrenheit: 30

Dirt is being converted by four guys working mornings, sleeping midday, and leaving mid-afternoon into cement blocks for paving the compound and eventually building a second batiment.

Village soccer balls, much like rock stars, tend to live fast and die young.

As do most consumer products here. Why are we on motorcycle #3? I know the first one didn’t have the correct papers, but I’m not sure what was wrong with the second, and the third has a key-fob-activated alarm that required some explanation on my part. One of the other gifts this trip was a DVD player which I’m told was relieved of its magic smoke on the first try.

Wedding description forthcoming.

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your “village soccer balls…” is my quote of the week 🙂 love love!