Airplane meals consumed: 5

Days of vacation without precipitation, out of 21: 2

Lowest temperature displayed by the rental car’s thermometer, in degrees Celsius: 2

Castles visited: 5

Steps climbed in a cathedral tower’s spiral staircase for a 360° view of Prague: 287

Slices of cheesecake eaten: 3

Brands of Czech beer sampled: 4

Percentage of my checked luggage weight limit consisting of granola cereal on my return to Senegal: 15

I had a fantastic vacation (I’m working on a description that goes beyond “It was cold. Soooo wonderfully cold.”) and, despite three weeks of worrying that I wouldn’t be able to convince myself that I was happy to return to Senegal, here I am, moderately refreshed and ready for my last six months.

(Some photos are up, but if anyone has suggestions about how to recover photos from a corrupted memory card, please share. My entire first week is currently held hostage.)

2 Responses to “index, month 17”


Been reading your blog here for quite sometime, but never have posted. I’ve had that memory card corruption happen on my girlfriend’s camera. If you go to this link:


download and install that file. Follow the instructions and pray. I usually can get the majority of files, but sometimes it is a lost cause. Good luck.

If that particular program didn’t work, you might also want to try the following.




good luck.