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Posted by clare on May 29th, 2006

My trip to Kedougou a few weeks ago was that perfect combination of something beautiful, something unfamiliar, and something absurd that constitutes an ADVENTURE. The area around the town of Kedougou, in the far south-eastern corner of Senegal, is hilly, green even in the dry season, and peopled with friendly Pulars. I went with Molly […]

index, month 18

Posted by clare on May 25th, 2006

Longest continuous Uno play in village, in hours: 5.5 Kilometers biked in Kedougou: 150 New volunteers in the Tamba region: 7 New male to female ratio in Tamba region: 5:16 New PCVs’ heads I shaved: 1 Rain clouds that passed directly over my backyard: 1 Tree sacks filled and seeded: 275 The Uno games have […]

well done… almost

Posted by clare on May 12th, 2006

Remember how a year and a half ago I wrote about resubmitting the previous volunteer’s proposal to get Peace Corps funding for a second well in the village? And how it was months before my schedule and the village’s schedule and the Ministrie de Hydraulique’s schedule—and, by that point, the weather’s schedule—aligned to produce three […]