donkey for september

I stood for about 15 minutes, video camera on standby, waiting for this jackass to do the trumpeting braying performance, but he just wandered around eating grass.

Kinda a peephole/spy camera view, yeah? That’s my wide angle adapter I’m holding.

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how many days now? six?

My status was changed from Nominee to Invitee as of today, in the next 10 days I will make a choice that will effect me for the next 2 years ^_^ Again, it’s been remarkable watching your progress through this program, and I look forward to undertaking my own unique Peace Corps journey.

three days now?

You take such awesome pictures! If you don’t mind my asking, what kind of camera do you have? Did you have any problems lugging it around Senegal and keeping it safe from theft or damage?

Thanks! 🙂

I accepted my Invite today. On March 3, 2007 I leave to work as a Community Development Agent: Forester, Biologist or Environmental Educator in Morocco. Thank you again for your inspiration.

wow. is it tomorrow?

Jason – Congratulations! I hear great things about Morocco 🙂

ladybug – It’s just a little Canon PowerShot S410 — small, tough, and takes great pictures. Any compromises on image quality or control are more than compensated for here by its discreet size. It’s starting to develop some quirks, but I figure that’s justified after two years of hard use in rough conditions.