My last African sunset, for a while at least:


And me—headed in that direction later tonight:

clare points

To everyone who offered support and encouragement during the past two years:
You were all an integral part of my Peace Corps experience—thank you, thank you.

5 Responses to “Go West, Young RPCV”

yayyayyayyayyay! yay! yay yay! safe travels!

i’ve really loved your blog, claire, and i think what you’ve done is amazing. good luck in everything in the future.

ditto amy! i will be at the austin reunion to help overwhelm you with love 😉


This is like coming to the end of a beloved book: sad, happy, and regretting the end of the story.

Thank your for this vivid, completely consistent, and reliable picture of your life in Senegal in the Peace Corps.

All the best,


thanks 🙂