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Earth & Sky article

Posted by clare on January 23rd, 2007

Over at Earth & Sky‘s features section today there’s an article I wrote about the “human world” side of my Peace Corps service, illustrated with a few of my photographs. Another of my Senegal photographs is paired with the text of a radio show on the Millenium Villages project. Go check out the site, if […]

room, beta version; job, alpha

Posted by clare on January 19th, 2007

I’ve spent the past two and a half weeks craftily avoiding a full-time job search by painting and furnishing my room (I also got a California license and plates, auto and renter’s insurance, and a bank account somewhere in there). So the room has come together nicely: And now I’ve found myself very pleasantly inundated […]

a perhaps unfair comparison

Posted by clare on January 11th, 2007

Near the Louisiana Gulf Coast: Looking towards the California coast from the Berkeley Hills:

oh, and

Posted by clare on January 10th, 2007

Four days, five states, 35 hours of travel, and 2350 miles later, I now live in California.

Dr. Robert Solomon, 1942-2007

Posted by clare on January 8th, 2007

Sad news from Austin: Dr. Bob Solomon, UT philosophy professor and all-around badass, died from heart failure in the Zurich airport on January 2. The Statesman and Daily Texan ran obituaries (the Texan includes a great photo of a young Bob), and Matt posted a personal recollection to the Austinist. I took three semesters with […]