It had been far, far too long…

uncooked crawfish

boiled crawfish

on table


7 Responses to “Crawfish boil!”


not gross! yummy!


No fair! How did you get hold of all these big beautiful crawfish when we haven’t seen any yet? How much did y’all have to pay for these guys? A man buying bags of lemons, garlic, and frozen corn on the cob ahead of me in line at the grocery told me that he got four sacks for a little over $2 a pound live from out in Sorrento. But this is early for crawfish.

I’m so happy for you.

I saw crawfish in the grocery store for $5/lb, and it looked like they were pre-cooked. Boo.

Whole but pre-cooked? Ew.

These were apparently bought at a bait shop, so I don’t know if that affected their price… They were kinda puny, though.

Clare- I have been a reader and a fan for over a year and I’ve tried to email you through the blog with no success. My husband and stepson are Senegalese (my daughter is half!) and we traveled to the Casamance this summer. Wow. I have new respect for you and all PCVs. Would you mind emailing us at taphakris@yahoo.com? We’d like to ask you something. thanks!