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My first week of J-school

Posted by clare on August 29th, 2008

…has consisted of twelve-hour days spent chasing ducks with a microphone and sitting through hour after hour of tutorials. We covered still cameras, audio recorders, tiny HD camcorders, Photoshop, Soundtrack Pro, Final Cut Pro, Soundslides, and Flash. And by “covered” I mean “touched on the very basics of doing more than just hitting random buttons.” […]

What I've been doing for the past three months:

Posted by clare on August 10th, 2008

June: Eating oysters at Point Reyes and standing around at the San Francisco Pride parade. The parade was entertaining—and heartwarming, what with all the newlyweds—but I still think parades just aren’t quite right without bead-throwing. Or with open container laws. And then in July: Camping at Utica Reservoir. Without the bear, this time. Now I’m […]