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Two years out

Posted by clare on October 23rd, 2008

I think I’m finally hitting the end of Peace Corps related anniversaries that I can legitimately use as excuses for blog posts. So here it is: Today marks two years since I returned to the U.S. after two years in Senegal. The volunteer who replaced me is back in America (welcome home, Donna!), I haven’t […]

Saare Modou from space

Posted by clare on May 19th, 2008

Josh alerted me today to Google Earth’s recently updated images of my little corner of Senegal—where there was once nothing but blurry brown and green there are now trees, paths, huts, and a batiment under construction (where my hut used to be) as of last November: Here’s a wider view, with landmarks: the new well, […]

In Defense of Ineffectualness

Posted by clare on January 10th, 2008

Yesterday the New York Times ran an op-ed piece entitled “Too Many Innocents Abroad” (will we never tire of the travelogue puns?) by Robert Strauss, a former Peace Corps volunteer, recruiter, and country director who argues that the Peace Corps’ tendency to send young college graduates with no relevant technical experience to do development work […]

seeing in all directions at the same time

Posted by clare on October 23rd, 2007

Today marks a year since I got back to the States from Senegal. I’ve seen three close friends get married, driven across the country and up and down the West Coast, settled into California, found a job in video editing, and am making plans for the next few years (grad school!). I think this year […]

sad news from Senegal

Posted by clare on October 12th, 2007

I found out this week through RPCV email chains that Lamine Ndongo, Peace Corps Senegal’s Safety and Security Officer of four years, died in a car accident on Sunday. He was a great guy, genuinely concerned about all of the volunteers, and he died while out on the job. The RPCV organization Friends of Senegal […]

Village view (back)

Posted by clare on August 22nd, 2007

Towards the end of my first rainy season in Senegal, I started taking a picture each month from the same spot, looking over fields towards my village. They start in August 2005 and end in October 2006.                     I find it hard to believe I was […]

In Defense of Ambivalence

Posted by clare on February 26th, 2007

Today is the start of Peace Corps Week, a celebration of all things Peace Corps and a time for evangelization. I’ve been doing my part with the new group of volunteers that’s preparing to leave for Senegal in March. I’ve responded to emails and even met for coffee with invitees deep in the throes of […]

Soil in Senegal!

Posted by clare on February 21st, 2007

Here’s one of my reasons for being MIA from the internets lately, the other being my eye-twitch-inducing yet extremely interesting full-time internship with a Berkeley production/post house. This screened yesterday as part of Cory’s exit seminar for her master’s at UC Davis:

Earth & Sky article

Posted by clare on January 23rd, 2007

Over at Earth & Sky‘s features section today there’s an article I wrote about the “human world” side of my Peace Corps service, illustrated with a few of my photographs. Another of my Senegal photographs is paired with the text of a radio show on the Millenium Villages project. Go check out the site, if […]

off the smack

Posted by clare on November 15th, 2006

Today I swallowed my last dose of mefloquine after taking it weekly for over 26 months. Mefloquine (a.k.a. Larium), provided by Peace Corps as one of our options for malaria prophylaxis, has a nasty reputation for causing everything from insomnia to suicidal ideation. When I was discussing Peace Corps with a member of the Berkeley […]