saturday night's alright alright alright

So Saturday. Traditional night for drunken revelry, yes/no?

Then, the end of senior semester, with thesis deadline fast approaching. Not so much on the drunken revelry.

Temporary solution: drinks and laptops on the back porch…

*plus, I make good use of my time by figuring out how to make photos on my gallery show up here… whee!

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Just because I’m walking around the house listlessly does not make me non-productive. How can I be expected to write if I don’t eat every 30 minutes?

don’t worry. the theses managed to squash any chance of drunkenness and/or revelry.

theses do that a lot.

squash things.

“How can I be expected to write if I don’t eat every 30 minutes?”

What an excellent question. How often I find myself roaming idly through the kitchen to put off work.

i can’t work on my thesis without intermittent blogging breaks, during which i read at least five blogs written by people i barely know. i should try this food thing instead. thanks for the tip.

As long as we’re all breaking to eat, might I suggest soy beans as the new power snack? I have no idea if they actually give energy, but scraping the beans out of the pods with your teeth is highly entertaining.

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