'bout that time

Yes, once again it’s 11pm and I’m in the lab. I’ve actually been making slow, not steady so much as in spurts (spurty? spurtish?), progress on my rough cut… putting placeholders here, slowly building sequences there, and re-watching the archival and chicken footage whenever I need to shift my brain into neutral and giggle to myself.

A title was suggested to me last night: “Pilgrim’s Progress.”

I really like it, but I wanted to run it by my faithful, overeducated readers to see who would “get” it—or really just what anybody gets from it. (Reminders/hints: My film concerns Pilgrim’s Pride, a poultry corporation led by Bo Pilgrim, a devout Christian, and Susan Nugent, a woman who sued Pilgrim’s for pollution of her cattle ranch. Most of my archival footage is cheery 1950s “Miracles from Agriculture” kind of stuff.)

I somehow feel it’s an improvement over the options considered so far. Because while “Poultry Emulsion” and “Clucking You Over for a Bawk” make admirable use of the many chicken-related puns, I just don’t know that I’m ready to betray that much gleeful bias from the get-go.

Much love to my thesis compatriots. The end is (tragically, thankfully) in sight.

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I think “Pilgrim’s Progress” is excellent. It’s, like, got overtones and stuff. Religious. Satiric. Punificacious.

And while the end of the semester may be in sight, the end of this thesis I’ve got staring at me unfortunately appears to be quite distant on the horizon…

Pilgrim’s Progress is good. but i would try and work the word “poop” in there. that’s just me.

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