nothin like a professor getting you tipsy after the last day of class to make you want to sit down and pound out a 15 page thesis treatise.

no really.

warm and fuzzy. bring it on!

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Man, why did the word “tipsy” provoke me to exactly the same comment? I was very dismayed to find I’d been beaten. Frickin pop culture.

I think it says a lot about how busy I’ve been that I have no freakin clue what pop culture reference you two are making…

tipsy on the last day of glass???
I vaguely remember spilling wine on the carpet of the classroom while supposing to be dead under the table with leslie DURING your final presentation in the ONE class I have ever taken with you. 🙂

Oh, man, that class was awesome! In retrospect. I can’t believe I used those drawings of satan eating your soul for my final project…
(and i only know the tipsy song because my kids make me listen to hip hop. i swear the only line in the whole damn song is, “errbody in the club getting tipsy” (repeat, in raspy whisper))

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