the end is the beginning is the… aw, fuck it.

And I finally have a moment to catch my breath—predictably, while at the DVlab, but thankfully while watching the little colored bar inch its way across the DVD Studio Pro progress window. We’ll see if this works or not.


  • College classes: My last class meeting was this past Wednesday—the history seminar that was one of the best random assortments of students I’ve ever been with. Afterwards I had a strange sensation of Things Ending.
  • My thesis treatise: Finished writing this morning, had it printed and bound at Longhorn Copies, and all four copies are currently sitting in Stekler’s mailbox awaiting his signature.
  • Editing my thesis film: I’m too deep in sleep-deprived shock to be able to comprehend this one. I made some last-minute changes earlier today and have since then been waiting on the speed, grace, and good will of the lab computers to render / save / convert / encode / etc, with the final goal of getting it on DVD before the Plan II office closes this afternoon.

I thought I had some actual content to post, but that’s all I seem able to offer right now. However, I can tell I’ll survive if only because I’m already itching to make to-do lists for this summer.

Update: The Verdict from the thesis advisors: “respectable”


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