Maryann left this morning for Baton Rouge and preparations for her sister’s wedding next Saturday. I’m taking full advantage of having the house to myself by guiltlessly blasting music, walking around in my underwear, and peeing with the door open.

It’s a downhill slide into summer from here. I was dangerously, gloriously close to boredom yesterday and so treated myself to a trip to Half Price Books. Scoured the Travel section for books about Africa, found three plus a book for “the Independent Woman Traveler” and one about traveling American backroads because I’m a sucker for road stories.

Started on Dear Exile last night and finished it this morning—a fast, engaging, hilarious, and (dare I say it?) touching read. Now onto Mango Elephants in the Sun, which is so far a bit smarmy for my tastes.

6 replies on “mango!”

I’m okay with all that. But if I have reason to believe that sex was had in my bed in my absence, I may force you to watch old episodes of Dawson’s Creek with me.

That’s really strange because those are the exact same things I do when my roommate is not in town. Hmm, interesting.

l – heck yeah!
k – fair enough
m – ewwwww. on both counts.
k – see above
h – bwaha!

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