films + shiny goodness

Last night a few of the RTF guys who live near campus hosted a film night, projecting an episode of Upright Citizens Brigade and a bunch of student work onto bedsheets hung on the side of their neighbor’s house. There was a good crowd and a good collection of films—plus a good response to my thesis, which was nice since it was the first time I had screened it in front of an actual audience. Besides, you know it’s a successful indie event when the cops show up due to noise complaints. Twice.

As I announced in a mass email to most of you, Mike F. and I are going to be showing our thesis and class-related projects this Thursday in CMB Studio 4D starting at 7pm. It should be random and fun, so come watch—and then mosey over to my house afterwards for an end of thesis, end of semester, end of college, end of whatever gathering.

And then there’s this, which showed up at my front door this morning: my graduation present to myself ; )


So, yes, I’ve been taking lots of the inevitable reflection-on-back-of-iPod pics. I can’t help it—it’s so cute! I also rushed out to buy its first accessory, an iTrip. I haven’t tested anything yet because I’m being anal about sorting through my music before junking up those glorious 37.2gb.

And, apparently, I graduate Saturday. Life is good.

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if you find a good program to keep track of physically owned albums using the cddb, let me know. it’s my holy grail of music/computer software.

i’m quite sad i will be missing a party in our house. should i tell the social work girls to go anyway for the sake of the ratio?

Also, my new ibook and your new ipod should mate and give us lots of little apples to be excited about.

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