spontaneity pwns

hat on dash

So yes, I had a good reason for not updating for the past week. George needed to get his car to San Jose, I didn’t have any pressing engagements, so I drove out west with him.

Sunday we did the usual boring drive to El Paso (I managed to sleep through Fort Stockton. Damn shame.) then spent a day there. Got ice cream, saw Shrek 2 (not as good as the first, but a priceless hairball scene). Communed with George’s mom’s turtles.

friendly turtle

Tuesday, drove through Petrified Forest National Park, saw a bunch of wood, headed for the Grand Canyon.

free wood!

Wednesday got up early, saw the Canyon. It was indeed big.

canyon in iPod

Drove to the Hoover Dam. It, too, was big. Overheard a guy on a cellphone saying “You’ll never guess where I am right now…” (Mentally finished the sentence for him: “Hoover FUCKING Dam!”)

Clare points to dam

Drove down the Las Vegas Strip, was thoroughly horrified.

Las Vegas trees

Continued to Death Valley National Park, which was 200 feet below sea level and 10 degrees over 100. However, found the fancy-schmancy resort next to the campground, had a veggie burger, and spent a few hours in the pool before returning to the tent to sweat until 5AM, when we packed up and got the hell out.

Firebird in Death Valley

Lots of foreign tourists. At one point we were the only English speakers at the pool, I think.

Thursday, aforementioned drive out of Death Valley, which involved multiple 4000-foot swings in elevation. Drove up US 395, which runs along the eastern side of the Sierra Nevadas—one of the most beautiful drives I’ve ever made. Hit up Yosemite National Park, which was beyond gorgeous. It was sublime.

the Sierra Nevadas

Saw the Ansel Adams view of Yosemite Valley. Took pictures. Couldn’t camp in the Park because most of the campgrounds were still closed due to snow. Stayed in an over-priced Motel 6 in Merced.

Yosemite Valley

Friday, stopped in Livermore, where George will be interning with Sandia. Picked a random neighborhood and found multiple unprotected wireless networks so we could look up directions to his future apartment.

Drove into San Jose, surprised Bryan (he didn’t know I was coming along), bought food, bought board games, cooked food, surprised Leslie, played board games. Watched Shrek.

Bryan drinks beer with his feet

Saturday, toodled around at Barnes & Noble until Leslie finished her schoolwork for the day, saw Harry Potter 3 (far, far superior to the other two), went back to the apartment and napped. George and I drove out to Half Moon Bay, stuck our feet in the very cold water, poked stuff that had washed up on shore, then had yummy dinner. Watched Evita, fell asleep, got up early and I flew back to Austin on Frontier Airlines, which has pictures of wild animals on their planes.

Clare in cold Pacific

All in all, a good way to spend a week at the start of summer.

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what a fabulous sequence of pictures.

someone told me once that I have a very expressive face. (was it you?) i’m beginning to understand.

clare, this is awesome. i especially like the picture of you at the hoover dam. overwhelmed by the bigness…right on.

leslie – glad someone picked up on that 😉

rachel – thanks! that’s my favorite sightseeing picture pose: “whoa! look what i found!”… you should post mexico pictures and more stories 🙂

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