still in austin

How I knew I was in Austin:

– Gaggles of sorority hopefuls skittering around the Drag in tube tops and flippy skirts.

– The Drag Rat who came in for a cup of water while we were at Jamba Juice promised to come back for a smoothie if he begged enough money.

– Steven’s neighbor was playing “House of the Rising Sun” on his acoustic guitar the other night. The circle is complete.

Other than that, Steven’s been really sick and so I’m dropping him at his parents’ in College Station today before continuing on to Baton Rouge on Tuesday.

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There is someone in this building that plays, “House of the Rising Sun”?! What is up with this song? Will I never escape it!?

ok, in my defense: my parents don’t get cable internet until tomorrow. i’m waiting to upload a bunch of pictures from california, so, um, yeah.

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