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locusts on rice, anyone?

From Stuff World News, via Kathryn: Capture locusts and win rice:

DAKAR: A radio station in Senegal is offering listeners a 50kg sack of rice if they can catch and kill 50kg of locusts, another new tactic in West Africa’s battle against the airborne invasion.

… West Africa’s first locust plague in 15 years is destroying vast swathes of crops in communities where many are subsistence farmers and where the authorities lack the means to spray pesticide quickly enough to stop the swarms spreading.

… Asked what the radio station would do with sacks full of dead locusts, Ba said: “They are full of protein. Perhaps they could be turned into food for livestock.”

A plague of locusts… at least as a Cajun, I’m well-prepared to eat stuff caught in my backyard.

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mmm, cajuns eatin’ things in the backyard…my brother had a friend whose mom was a crack shot — only when shooting at squirrels in the yard. she’d kill ’em, skin ’em, and cook ’em.

i think you are eminently prepared for senegal, based solely on your cajun-ness.

Yes, now the people who ask if we really have alligators in our back yards can add visions of Baton Rouge locals chowing down on grubs and raw flesh of yard birds as we stomp around in a drunken stupor to the latest Cajun folk album endorsed personally by the pride of Louisiana, Brittany Spears.
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