anyone want a washer/dryer?

Ok, so Maryann and I bought a used washer/dryer set from a realtor when we moved into the Duval house last August. They work perfectly fine, washing and drying clothing of all sorts with ease—the washer occasionally leaks a bit, but run it a cycle and it’s fine. Besides, they were $60 each. They paid for themselves after four months since renting a w/d is $30 a month.

We offered to sell them to our landlords, who declined (near the end of August, long after we’d moved out, but whatever) since they didn’t want to be responsible for maintenance. So naturally we offered them to Julie and Ethan, who are now living in the house and would probably appreciate a cheap w/d.

Or, at least, we’ve tried to offer them to Julie and Ethan. They haven’t so much responded to my email, or my multiple phonecalls. Or to Maryann’s phonecall. Or to her knocking on their door this evening when their cars were in the driveway and their lights were on.


It’s really unbelievable. I mean, asking to move in before their lease started, fine. Deciding at the last minute not to buy my coffee table after saying they would, ok whatever.

But completely ignoring our attempts to finish up this one last financial tie to that house? Give me a fucking break.

Anyone in Austin or thereabouts want a washer and dryer for $120? All you have to do is go pick ’em up. Otherwise we’ll Craigslist the damn things.

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You fail to mention my other idea. I truly believe that if we just lounge around in the chairs on their front porch with margaritas and bug spray, they’re bound to pay us eventually. Either that, or I start bringing my laundry over there daily until they pay me to leave.

frickin’ people. i like maryann’s idea. or send them a certified letter in the mail requesting payment and a response.

we could send dan over in uniform, and then just be like “oh, i thought this is where clare and maryann lived, i use their washer and dryer.” actually, any one of us still in austin could just start dropping by randomly to use them!

all good ideas. i’m especially fond of people going over to do laundry — maybe then they’d have to acknowledge our existence:

“uh, why are you washing your clothes here?”

“cause i own these machines, biznatch! you’re lucky we’re not charging rent on them for august and september!”

Did we totally rule out having them pay rent for those months? Are we sure? I mean, maybe you don’t need money in Africa, but a girl’s gotta pay for her vodka tonics.

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