Peace Corps year 1

packing list up

I posted my packing list as of… 55 hours to go. Man, it looks like a lot of stuff when it’s all laid out like that.

Any suggestions? Mockery? Doubts about my ability to carry it all? My backpack was 51 1/2 pounds last time I tried stuffing everything in… Totally reasonable for two years, right?

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It’s really a surprising amount of stuff, and an exciting list to read, too. Items that make me especially happy: the Keeper, Daily Afflictions.

I cannot believe you leave Monday. If I were your parents, I’d be flipping out. 🙂

i’m not your parents (i don’t think?) and, just looking at that packing list, i’m freaking out.

do you have a photo of everything strewn across the floor?

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