Peace Corps year 1

(here) it goes, cont'd

I fly out of Baton Rouge in about two and a half hours, headed to Africa by way of a few days in Philadelphia.

I’m finally packed, completely sleep-deprived, and I most definitely feel sick to my stomach with anxiety and excitement.

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i have hilarious pictures of maryanne, leslie, and seth at your house, by the way. as soon as i get my new scanner in, i’ll post ’em. my old one sux to point of obsolescence.

Aw, Clare. I missed calling you before you left because of an incident involving my alleged “better” new cell phone. I hope you’re safe.

And Matt- if you keep mis-spelling my name, I might get my feelings hurt. : )

eh. whatever. I’ll probably still talk to you when I see you and try to set you up with un-suspecting social workers. Just post the pictures and all will be forgiven.

Darling, I can’t believe you’re really gone. I keep having the urge to call your cell phone and leave weepy messages you’ll never get.

I’ve only done it once, though.

Berkeley is lovely this time of year… (it’s actually perpetually lovely.)

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