Peace Corps year 1

toubab tonite

We’re just about to hit the two-weeks-in-Africa point, and already it might as well be two months going by how much I’ve experienced and how distant America feels…

Being in Africa is what I imagine being part of a huge family must be like—at it’s worst, loud and smelly with never a moment of privacy. At it’s best, always hospitable and dynamic, infusing you with energy and motion.

I successfully posted some pictures from staging and training, with more to come as I can find the internet time…

Peace Corps is really, really big on acronyms—PCT, PST, PCV, PCMO, APCCD—but the winner so far came today during a training session, written at the top of a list of objectives:

BTEOTSTWBAT: By The End Of This Session Trainees Will Be Able To

Yeah, well, by the end of tonight, I’ll have been able to have some pizza and beer in town… gotta get our toubab fix every once in a while.

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One of my friends here knows someone who just returned from a 6-month study abroad program in Senegal–s/he loved it and didn’t want to come home. I thought that sounded promising.

I’m doing my best on the photo front… I’ll eventually have some quality video clips of dancing at the party Friday, as well as some pictures of my braided hair, which my sister did last week and which I kept all the way until today. (washing my hair had never felt so good.)

There’s not too much action, though — mostly it’s either sitting in class, sitting in group “cross cultural” sessions, or passing out on the couches during the lunch break. I’ll see what I can do 😉

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