Peace Corps year 1

arrival and departure

Two things from yesterday:

Our first ET (Early Termination): Andrea, who’s leaving us for an NGO job in Romania. Best of luck to her.

Our first locust swarms: Around 5pm yesterday, the first waves of locusts passed over Thi├Ęs. It was an apocalyptic sight just begging for mixed metaphors: flotillas, clouds, sky-darkening mobs of doom washing, flowing, storming the skies. It was surreal—millions upon millions of insects, filling the air for dozens of feet above the treetops, all moving west to east across the city in golden sunset light.

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Hi Clare:

Looks like a fascinating trip. And it’s only just begun:)

Take Care,

Patty and I are thinking about you.


haven’t eaten any yet, but i have seen a few dead ones on the ground… they don’t look all that meaty. don’t worry, you’ll be the first to know.

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