Peace Corps year 1

gallery update (finally)

Swear-in pics are up!

Pre-Merry Christmas 🙂

4 replies on “gallery update (finally)”

Clare, Thank you so much for creating and updating this web site. I love reading what you have written and looking at all the pictures. Especially pictures of our daughter, Cory. And Josh too, of course. All Cory’s family and friends have been looking at it too. Cory’s Grandpa thinks it is just great. This web site has really made a difference to us in being able to read and see what’s going on and feeling that we are keeping in touch. Thank you again and Merry Christmas. Peggy

noelle – no, but there are fake christmas trees at the regional house…

peggy – so so glad you enjoy the site. cory and josh are both helping to make this a great experience, thanks for sending them my way 😉

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