Peace Corps year 1

beginnings of gallery month two

…are up.

I’m doing well. Boredom is currently my primary nemesis.

I hope to have time for a quality post when I come back to Tamba in a few days to (finally, hopefully, please please please) go to talk to the well contractor with Bomba Bah and Ceerno Jallo.

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I am preparing for my march departure as a PCT. Headed to Senegal as an Ag extension agent. Have really appreciated your experience! Can’t wait to hear more.
much thanks

Hi Clare! Thanks so much for your site it is awesome. As you can tell from the subject I am pending PCV leaving to Malawi in one month (wow kinda crazy when I actually say it out loud). But anyway my name is chanty and I am soo overwhelmed by the prep process I just need some help form somebody that has done it already. Ohh and by the way I’m going to be doing Ag extention as well. My primary concern is what to bring to be honest packing for two years is a B****H=). So what do you suggest I bring what is vital? And what kind of research did you do prior to leaving to help you prepare?

Thank you so much your packing list is great I’m definatly saving your site in my favorites….


Jenny and Chanthy – Congrats on your invites. I’ll try to think of some useful words of wisdom before your departures 🙂

Suzanne – Dude, you have less patience than ME — I’m checking again tomorrow morning. I have hope.

Leslie, did you seriously use that name, or is obscene spam just getting smarter on filling in email and web address blanks?

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