Peace Corps year 1

cultural exchange

The best thing about being in Thiès, other than the hamburgers at the recently-discovered “Chawarma Snack”: catching up on Muñeca Brava.

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Hey Clare, Ma Ma told me about your blog over xmas. I just got around to checking it out. I thought i’d say hi, and was wondering how things are going. Been listening to any good music lately?

Ruger – Now that I have my iPod again, I’ve got all sorts of good music… Senegalese music is either a crazy combination of drums and vocals and rhythms or this repetitive guitar-like instrument + chanting.

Mama – Nope, living with livestock has made me much more enthusiastic about eating them 😉

good god, there was an ad for hentai at the top of that muneca page. safe for work, but a shock still, what with my screen facing the public entrance and all.

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