Peace Corps year 1

gallery update

I added a few photos to the IST album… the rest might have to wait until I’m back in Tamba, where the connection is actually a lot faster than here in the “big city.”

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Hello there. I sent an e-mail to your address put not sure if you got it yet. My name is Steve Bolinger and I will be headed to Senegal with the PC around March 15th. I have been checking out your site and it has been very useful, thank you.

I have some extra room so if you would like me to bring some items over for you it would not be a problem. It is not a problem at all and please don’t hesitate to ask.

You can reach me at

Take care and talk with you soon.

Steve, can you fit a keg of Live Oak beer in your stuff? Hmm … how about a pony keg? No? Okay, Clare would probably settle for just a six of Shiner and some Mag Queso.

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