Peace Corps year 1

pular, park, people, oh my!

Since my last update, I:

Pular class

– Attended a village “alphabetization” class, where the women and teenagers are learning to read and write Pular. A teacher from Tamba (from the NGO TOSTAN, I think) comes to the village to hold a two- or three-hour class four days a week; everyone has a grand time, laughing and enjoying even their mistakes.

crossing park bridge

– Went to the Parc National Niokolo-Koba, Senegal’s largest national park and Molly’s ecotourism site (info). Saw a bunch of animals and took a bunch of pictures of trees, with very small animals in the middle of the frames.

Molly pounding grain

– Had a tuubaako slumber party in my village when Volney arrived for his two-week vacation in Senegal and Molly and Mariah came to hold a meeting with the women’s groupement. The meeting went very well, despite my horrendous English-Pular translating, and Volney claims to be enjoying himself, despite all the sweating and the millet.

– Spent three hours in a muggy cybercafe uploading photos while the French VirginMega webcast played “It’s Raining Men” and “We Are the World.” So go “oo” and “ah” and leave some comments, yo.

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oooo ahhhh! I had a dream you called me last night. I’m just going to take that as a sign and call you tomorrow when I can talk. Love

Wow, Bandi is getting so big! I remember when you first posted pics of him as a pup. And the pics from Niokolo-Koba look gorgeous: I’m jealous of you. 😉

Hope you’re having a wonderful time!

i’m sitting here painting my toenails and it made me think of the time you did that for me, because i seemed unable to keep from getting it all over my feet…

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