Peace Corps year 1

home again

Goat roast #2 last Saturday, Dakar on Sunday, Ile de Goree on Monday, Steven on a plane Tuesday night, me back to Tamba Wednesday, me sick Wednesday night to the present (though much better now)… It’s been a long week.

Which is my excuse for a lame post and no picture uploads. I’m tired. Everyone at the Tamba house is kinda pathetic, actually—all three of us sick in our own unique ways, doing nothing but sleeping and watching movies and taking various pills (at the recommendation of PC Med, of course. The pills, that is—the movies were self-prescribed).

I’m hoping to be feeling all better in time for some travel—a meeting in Kolda and trips to other Ag PCV sites—and some field work before Massaly (my APCD, head of the Ag program) comes to the village for his first rainy season visit and my demo plot farmers’ “Open Field Day.” Ideally, the Open Fields Day will be a chance to show off the success of the demo fields to the other farmers in the village. Hence the need for field work before then.

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Claire, I am sorry you were sick. I know Cory was sick too. Hope your feeling much better. I know you guys have all been very busy. Take care, Peggy Ducey (Cory’s Mom)

Clare, I hope that you are feeling well again and that you keep well. I’m sure you are overworked at times. I’m sure you will miss Stephen. Take care, Love, Ma Ma Barbara.

Thank you both for your concern — I’m feeling much better now, and I hear Cory is, too. Bandi’s the one who looks awful right now — he comes back from running around with his pack of dogs covered in bites and scratches. Apparently it’s puppy-making season.

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