Today is the first chance I’ve had to check the news on Hurricane Katrina. I’m stunned and heartsick. It seems that what the storm left of New Orleans will soon be destroyed by the survivors.

As far as I know, all my Louisiana friends and family are OK—Baton Rouge wasn’t affected nearly as badly as the coast. My thoughts will be with all of you there.

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Things are starting to fall apart here too. I tried to volunteer at the Red Cross, but they are turning away young females because the shelters are too dangerous.

Coming from Florida to Louisiana was quite an ordeal, even places not directly effected are pretty scary with the gas station being under siege. But dinner was worth the trip to Abbeville, have fun with milk and couscous!

we are receiving a lot of the medical cases here in galveston. an unfortunate amount are from the violence in katrina’s wake. i’m glad your family is safe, i was worried about them.

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