Mississippi photos

One of my dad’s cousins, Jodie, recently made a trip to Bay St. Louis and Waveland, Mississippi, with his wife Suzanne and her sister; they were bringing supplies to Suzanne’s brother, who lives there. He emailed photos to friends and family afterwards. The images are heart-breaking—bricks and foundations are all that’s left of some buildings. Waveland in particular was almost annihilated.

I asked his permission to post some of the pictures—I suppose it makes me feel involved in some small way, even though I can’t directly participate in the clean-up and recovery efforts. It’s so strange to listen to coverage on the BBC and think, “That’s home,” but not be able to be there.

(The rest of Jodie’s photos are here, in the Baton Rouge album for lack of a better place. ‘Adventures’ didn’t seem quite right.)

I think the fact that I’m getting my news in half-hour increments from the BBC and not 24-hour-a-day CNN/FOX/MSNBC is the only reason I’m not at the mental and physical breaking point Leslie describes in her September 9th post—though I completely agree with her comments. It’s that “Doesn’t anybody notice this?! I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!” sense of disbelief that I know many of us have felt for the past five years or so.