Peace Corps year 1

one year, take one

One year ago today, my stage arrived in Senegal. I don’t have anything particularly profound to say about this—it’s the first big milestone, but in two months we’ll hit the one year at site mark, and after that it’s all really just a countdown to COS. (I hear time keeps speeding up, especially in that second year, but somebody should really tell that to 1pm, 2pm, and 3pm, cause they’re still pretty damn slow.)

So instead, here’s a picture of cute hedgehogs, just in case you didn’t believe me in my last post:

cute hedgehogs

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so, the other day in the middle of small group my phone rang. i had forgotten to turn it off after lunch. for whatever reason, the first digits were 011 – my neighbor looked over and said, “whoa! that’s a foreign number, isn’t it?” and i said, “aw man. i think it’s my friend clare in senegal!” and then my facilitator looked at me, my phone quit ringing, and we got down to business. luckily, it was just my dogs’ vet and the number came up funny.

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