Peace Corps year 1

gallery recommendations

This week was really only good for being sick and being the week before I go to Thies to help out with Pre-Service Training, so in lieu of any new content of my own devising…

Go check out Josh and Cory’s photos: they’ve got a great collection, which they have organized very handily into exciting albums such as “Fixing Up the Place,” “Work,” “Around Tamba,” and “Hell is Other Volunteers.”

Also, if you wanted to see what it’s like to be a Peace Corps volunteer in a tropical paradise, may I suggest fellow UT-Austin alum Logan‘s gallery. He’s in Jamaica and lives in what used to be “the minister’s house.” It has a “veranda.”


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whatever, i bet he doesn’t have millet! poor bastard having to live there, you should consider yourself lucky that you live in a place where the heat of summer can’t be denied and hurricanes don’t occasionally threaten to blow palm trees down in your back yard. Lucky, I tell you!!

The PCVs here in Benin call the PC life in the Carribean “Posh Corps”. Although I myself can’t be too disdainful, I have electricity, water and a tiled floor =/

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