Peace Corps year 1

hold that thought

So I had just finished typing my Month 11 post and was looking through photos to upload… when the iBook screen flickered and died. I think it’s the video card. I think getting tech support from Africa is going to be a pain. I think I’m very, very sad.

So until I get the thing fixed or find the energy to retype that post… just know that I had ice cream like five times last week. It was great.

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Um…hi. I’m Glen’s sister. My father sent me your latest post, and I felt compelled to respond. My partner and I just had to send our ibook in to get the “logic board” replaced.

Downside: our computer had to be sent out for repair.

Upside: it was totally paid for, and with a 90 day warantee (apparently it’s a defect in ibooks made circa 2001-2003?). Anyhow, it made it from Montana to Tenesse and back in three days. Go MAC!

Best of luck.


Boo. If that’s a late G3 iBook it was only a matter of time. Maybe I can help? first initial last name at apple dot com.

greatest sympathies on the passing of a loved one.
let me know if there’s anything i can do on the homefront.

Clare, I enjoy reading your blogs. I’m an RPCV from the Gambia (2001-2003), currently traveling with 2 journalists across Africa. We are currently in Niger. If you’re interested in checking out our site, its Articles covering the AIDS epedemic, blogs and photos from across the continent are posted there. Best of luck.


Thanks for the sympathy and offers of help, guys. Apparently Mac products are allergic to Africa.

Sean – Looks like an amazing trip! I’ll put a link up 🙂

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