Peace Corps year 2

index, month 14

Round trips to Dakar: 2

American visitors to my village: 3

Chicks following one mother hen in my compound: 15

Weeks that Bandi was MIA from the village: 2

Kilos of cotton harvested by the village: 22,305

Price paid by SODEFITEX per kilo, before the cost of pesticides, fertilizers, etc, is subtracted, in CFA: 195

Trips to Dakar: Tiring. But I actually didn’t get stuck in the way-back every single time, which helps.

Visitors: Parents and Leslie. Leslie posted photos 🙂

Chicks: So cute. So many! Pictures up eventually.

Bandi: Back, a bit scruffier but very cute when he reappeared. He gets quite vocally expressive when he’s excited. I was prepared to never see him again and was trying not to be too sad about it.

Cotton: I took an absurd number of photos of piles of cotton being collected, weighed, and tossed in giant trailers. Again, pictures up eventually. I also want to find out how much of that $8,000+ actually makes it to the village after everything else is taken out.

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Hi Clare,

I am a friend and colleague of your mother. I also direct the LSU in Senegambia Study Abroad Program. I enjoyed reading the info and seeing the images on your web site. I have been to Senegal about 5 times and brought students once (2002). I am in the process of recruiting students again to come this summer. I have always wanted to come to the area that you are in. I may come this summer with or without the students. You know there is always the money factor and their itinerary has already been set. But I am still looking into the possibility. Exactly how far are you from Dakar? Is there any type of living quarters for a group about the size of 12 to 15 people? We will be coming the last week in May and staying for a month. The students will take classes (6 hours credit)at the West African Research Center at the University. We have weekend trips scheduled for St. Louis and Banjul, Gambia. I would appreciate any information that you can share.
I will have to call your Mon, so we can have lunch and she can tell me all about her trip.
Take care.

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