a cracking good time

In the past four days, I have:

– Strolled through Hyde Park
– Been rained on at Stonehenge
– Seen the baths at Bath
– Gotten lost in Sheffield
– Bought fuzzy boots in York
– Been snowed on in Aberdeen

Cory and Josh and I are currently doing laundry in Inverness. The plan for today is to say hi to Nessie and then head to the Isle of Skye. I’m having a fantastic time—a cold, windy, hilly, unfailingly polite time. And there’s Dr. Pepper!

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I hope you’ve found, bought, or borrowed clothes warm enough for the English chill. Glad you’re having a good time. Mama

oh yes, mini-eggs… i keep seeing them in the grocery store and thinking of you. i don’t know if they’d survive a trip across the atlantic, but maybe i should buy a dozen bags and just save them for when you get back this fall.

and yay dr. pepper!!

Hi Clare, I am so glad you are having such a good time in England. It must be great to be getting a break. What fun for you. Get your fill of candy eggs, Dr. Pepper etc. Have fun. Love, Ma Ma.

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